Rokrgeek Barrett M82A1 Wooden Gun Toy: Experience the Joy of Assembly!

Are you ready to take on the challenge of assembling the longest wooden toy gun model yet? Inspired by the classic Barrett sniper rifle, ROKR Geek beautifully reproduces the details of the Barrett M82 using all-wooden parts. Introducing the Rokr Geek Barrett M82A1 Wooden Toy Gun. Let us walk you through the finer details of this toy gun.

Product Details

  • 289 pieces
  • Approximately 7 hours of assembly time
  • Difficulty level: ★★★★
  • Assembled size: 47.47.89 inches (12019.822.9 cm)
  • Comes with ample spare parts in case of breakage
  • Includes a detailed instruction manual and labeled parts for smoother assembly

What's In the Box?

The Rokr Geek Barrett Wooden Gun Toy kit includes everything you need, with several sheets containing all pre-cut parts, each numbered for quick identification as per the instructions provided.

In addition to the wooden parts, the box also contains an auxiliary toolkit with various assembly parts (tiny screws, rods, gaskets, etc.), along with a clear instruction manual.


The Coolest Wooden Toy Barrett Sniper Rifle

While there's an increasing number of wooden gun 3D puzzles available on the market, the coolest Barrett sniper rifle is only released by ROKR Geek. We have captured various features of this rifle and meticulously recreated them using wood. While preserving all the characteristics of this rifle, we have also ensured its safety. This is the true essence of recreating this gun; it should only be a harmless toy.

Exquisite Collectible - Restored to Many Details of Barrett

The ROKR Geek Barrett sniper rifle boasts numerous details waiting for you to discover. Beautifully crafted, thanks to high-quality 100% plywood, we employ laser cutting to control the error of each part within 0.05mm, allowing for tight connections without the need for glue. From the barrel to the scope, every aspect has been meticulously designed, lifelike in appearance.

Detachable Components

This wooden Barrett sniper rifle consists of several parts, including the barrel, supports, body, stock, magazine, and scope, which can be easily disassembled and reassembled.

Experience Real Bolt-Pulling Single-Point Shooting Physics

Simulated shooting scenarios. Equipped with a shooting function, this sniper rifle allows you to simulate shooting scenes by simply loading wooden bullets into the magazine. To ensure safety, the bullets of this wooden toy gun are made of wood and can hold a maximum of 7 wooden bullets. Additionally, its maximum shooting range is 4 meters.

Why We Love It?

This is a full-length wooden toy gun measuring 47.4 inches (120 cm), assembled using all-wooden parts. With the classic Barrett sniper rifle appearance, not only can you enjoy the experience of simulated shooting, but the assembly process also offers extraordinary fun.

Moreover, the pieces fit very well together. The precision of the cuts is fantastic. Popping the individual pieces out of their frames was easy. I didn’t have any broken pieces or major splinters. There were some rough edges where the pieces were attached to the board, but a piece of sandpaper included in the kit cleared that up quickly.

Fantastic instructions for every step of the way.

Final Thoughts

As the latest 3D wooden puzzle released by ROKR Geek, we have invested a great deal of effort to ensure that the ROKR Geek Barrett Snip Rilfe provides a good assembly experience while being sufficiently safe. We have conducted multiple safety tests to ensure it poses no threat to individuals. We simply hope that as a wooden toy, it will bring toy guns into the public eye.

We hope this wooden sniper rifle brings you joy. It has a four-star difficulty rating, making it quite challenging. If given the opportunity, we warmly welcome you to take on the challenge.

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